Soo-Ling Designs - About
My unique jewelry designs are influenced by my Asian cultural heritage as well as the personality and tastes of my individual customers. My work, therefore, not only reflects who I am but also something about the wearer. To me, my creations are private portraits.

Some of the pieces used in my creations also link the physical world with the spiritual. For example, animals of the Zodiac display the traits and fates of wearers. Jade dragons symbolize security, portection from harm. Fish are a symbol of abundance and harmony. Tortoises represent longevity and endurance. Peaches symbolize immortality.

The materials used in my designs are semi-precious stones, bone, pearls, antique wood, bamboo, leather, and silk. I incorporate them into my jewelry for their intrinsic beauty, naturalness, or for their technical mastery, creativity, and craftsmanship.

Overall, my designs are created for the sheer joy of decoration. They are meant to please both the wearer and the beholder. But, above all, they are statements that celebrate my customers perception of self.

~ Soo-Ling Quon Chan